Feeling awkward the morning after?

If you find that you feel awkward the day after having had amazing sex with someone, there are numerous ways in which you can deal with the situation. Of course, you can just get out of bed, put your clothes on and run of the nearest coffee shop and get your thoughts together. However, that is something that I would not recommend at all. From all of my years of experience dating both with London escorts and privately, I think I know how to handle the situation. This is what I learned from an elite girl who used to work for our London escorts service.There is nothing like champagne and strawberries in the morning. If you want to make sure that your sexy companion feels really good about herself, it is worth your while to sneak out of bed and buy fresh croissants.

I don’t have a partner at the moment, but that does not mean that I don’t enjoy fresh croissants in bed. On my day off from London escorts, I like o sneak out of bed and go and buy some fresh ones at my local Waitrose. I keep on wondering how many other London escorts do the same thing. What if he wakes up and says that he is starving? Well I have come across that situation many times. As all the girls at London escorts know, there is only one thing for it. Get out of bed and cook him a proper London escorts breakfast. This is a bit of special from London escorts, and unless you really feel that you need extra energy, you may not want to indulge. However, it does work, and gives you the necessary energy to become a bit of an energy bunny if you know what I mean. Should you give your new friend another treat?

The jury made up entirely of London escorts is sort out on this one. A couple of the girls at London escorts think that it may just put too much pressure on your friend. He may just think that he will be expected to perform every time you clap your eyes on him. It simply is not such a good idea. Wait until you have got to know him a little bit better and then show him what you are truly made of when it comes to having fun in the morning. I am sure that you have your own idea of coping with that awkward morning after the night before. If you feel that you are stuck for ideas, just check out the charlotte London escorts blog where we give the best advice on many topics close to our hearts.

You never know, you may even solve a lot more than the problem of what to do on the morning after, and if not, you may be inspired to come up with your own unique idea. Mind you, that is not the only hand information you will find on our London escorts blog.