Perfect summer vacation with a London escort

How amazing it is to spend summer with the love of your life. Something that we always look up to, since it’s time for a vacation, to relax, to meditate and it’s just perfect when you have someone with you. Love comes at the least you expected, and it’s exciting. A feeling just pop up, and at one glance you were in love right away. Perhaps, it makes me believe about love at first sight before I make laugh out of it because knowing you cannot love a stranger just right away. And now, it is funny that it happened to me. It let me realize that you should not judge anyone if you don’t like to happen it with you. But mine, it was the most fantastic thing I ever experience.


My name is Bry, came from Australia. I am still a student in one of the prestigious schools here. Growing up with a comfortable life is fun, you have enjoyed many things in life. You can eat whatever you want; you can go wherever you go and do what you like. But one thing my parents have told me, I should finish my school. Well, I am not that so stupid guy, a jerk or whatever call that, I do still respect my parents. I owe them a lot, especially my life. My parents are not controlling, and that’s why they deserve to be respected too. They never went too far about my life, as long as I am good and nothing foolishness had done. I am always open to them, about my life decisions and keep updating about me since they were too busy but still supportive parents.


Summer is coming, and I am just too excited to have vacationed in London and witness the beaches there. After a long time of waiting, everything is coming true. I booked a flight to London just for myself to relax and enjoy. Until I met someone who has changed my world and added color to it.  I never expected that I would fall in love with her, she has a perfect curve, her red swimsuit suit to her and her face is so damn gorgeous. I got the chance to come with her, and she’s adorable. She is an Escort in London, and she is on leave. So, I have a chance to date and discuss with her. She is very soft and cute when she’s drunk. I find her funny and at the same time very attractive. We were so happy spending each other at the beach. It feels like one week is to short for us so even though we back on our real life, we keep the communication open. And for me, that was a perfect summer.

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