Married And Dissatisfied Man Hires Escort For Unique Sexual Experience

John Brown is a middle aged man that lives in London. Like lots of men who have been married for many years, he has become very dissatisfied with his sex life. For all these years he has managed to remain faithful. However, he has decided that he no longer gets enough sexual pleasure from his wife. She often avoids his advances or goes to bed early. He is lucky if they have sex once or twice a week. After getting some advice from his long-time friend, he decided to hire an escort fromĀ

So John goes online to a site suggested by this friend. He looked through the website, and finally settled on a blonde-haired girl names Teresa. She was beautiful, curvy in all the right places, and within his budget. Due to his marital status, he chose a venue for their meeting to be far away from his home or workplace, to avoid running into any people who might know him. He paid online for the services that he wanted his escort to do for him.

Teresa came to his hotel room dressed in a sexy red dress and amazing stiletto heels. Teresa was 32 years old and had 10 years of experience in the industry. They started with a quick chat so they could get a little more comfortable. Then they moved on to having a few drinks, a light kiss, and a trip to the hot shower. While in the bathroom they showered each other with lots of kisses. Teresa kissed John on his mouth, then she moved to his neck, and finally she got down on her knees for a nice blowjob in the shower. John was in heaven, as it had been quite a long time since he had had one. Then Teresa bent over and John slid his erect member in her wet hole. Before too long, John was ready to cum. He had missed these moments for quite some time. This is the amazing sex that John was missing from his wife, who had become boring in bed, or mad herself unavailable altogether. And this was just a small portion of all the sexual skills that Teresa had to offer. John Brown decided that he would definitely contact the escort agency to rehire Teresa on a more regular basis.